About Community

www.malisamaj.in is an online portal for Mali Samaj community. Which is dedicated to the entire community’s people. The aim of this website is to provide platform for those community people who are unknown to others, and to know history of our community & culture, cultural values, thereby they should retain communities’ culture. This website will act as a platform to communicate their views to whole community in world, and to know about progress & strength of the community.

Mali Samaj History is very ancient which can be seen in Mythological books. Jyotiba Phule was important part of Mali samaj History.

Our mission through www.malisamaj.in is to offer online social platform, where community people can work together to endorse their social arena. We have launched this website with the undertaking of helping community youth to support them in edification, societal and profession aspects.

We want to spread your views and thoughts to the whole world and achieve our community’s goals. Click here to Send your feedback, suggestions, and comments in favor of community